Innogames hľadá nové talenty!

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hľadáme Anglicky hovoriacich špecialistov, ktorí posilnia náš team. Nižšie nájdete (v angličtine) informácie o momentálne otvorených pozíciách.

InnoGames is looking for new specialists to join our international teams and we would be very happy to receive applications from our devoted community. Would you like to support us in creating the next biggest hits on the market? Do you have experience in Java software development or Linux system administration? Are you willing to move to the beautiful city of Hamburg? Check out the links below!

Job requirements and job descriptions can be found on our corporate page:
Java Software Developer – Core Team
Linux System Administrator (Network and Infrastructure)
UI/UX Designer

Please note that all applications should be in English or German and communicative knowledge of English is required as it is our company language.


Grepolis Team
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